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Sometimes you need a minute

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  1. Music: “Scarlet Begonias” Grateful Dead: Live Denver (10/9/77)
  2. Weather: light drizzle
  3. Mood: Just right, leaning toward positive vibes

I mean, what’s a couple years between friends? 

When this website was new, I was so determined to post every week. And then life happened. 

It was very cool to visit these trees a few weeks back. The trip to the mother ship providing me with much more than lemons. Sometimes they take some extra time to find their flavor, decide when they’re ready. When life gives you lemons, realize all that you’re getting. 

Thanks to so many, I was in the right mind to take it all in. These lemons were a nice addition to my November installment of my monthly subscription service. Pairing the lemons with limes was an homage to a classic flavor combo but also an affirmation of the past and future of CR Citrus. 

Hoping I can be the first person to pursue a New Years Resolution in December. Here’s to a December that brings happiness and a reminder that not all gifts are wrapped.

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