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Bombay Sapphire Premier Cru Murcian Lemon

Bombay Sapphire Premier Cru Murcian Lemon Gin is a small-batch gin, handcrafted to celebrate Murcia’s most exquisite citrus. It is made with hand-picked, hand-peeled, sustainably sourced citrus fruits from the late harvest when their aromas and flavors are most intense. After allowing the fruit to dry naturally under the Mediterranean sun using techniques passed down through generations, the bright, aromatic citrus oils come together in this Bombay Sapphire Gin for a unique, tantalizing taste with a smooth finish.

From Spanish fino lemons to mandarins and sweet navel oranges from Murcia, each of the hand-selected botanicals plays a rigorous role to create a perfectly balanced, bright, fresh, clean flavor. At 47% alcohol by volume, this Bombay Gin is versatile and perfect for cocktail creativity.