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  • Cheers to Friendship!

    Cheers to Friendship!

    My best friend was killed 16 years ago this week. The weight stays with me, a little bit each day. And now inspiration.  Like all of us-Paul would be confused by this time. He was a networker, a social force, a friend to all. He would miss being out among the people- connecting with those…

  • DRINK RECIPE: The Kentucky Jackass

    DRINK RECIPE: The Kentucky Jackass

    Can’t quite remember when it all came to be, probably just a warm day and my aversion to Vodka. And, let’s face it, its kind of fun to say the word JACKASS! I’ve been mixing these up for years and (as is my tendency) I’ve been telling anybody who will listen that these flavors are…

  • DRINK RECIPE: The Batanga

    DRINK RECIPE: The Batanga

    First learned of this bad boy from my friends at La Gritona Reposado. Historically speaking, it is a house drink at La Capilla de Don Javier in Tequila, Jalisco. In LA we mix it up with some smoked citrus and attitude. Find your own flavor and the night is yours. The Batanga 1. Splash some…

  • DRINK RECIPE: The Smoke Scream

    DRINK RECIPE: The Smoke Scream

    It all started with a beer, actually a few at Grumpy’s in Ketchum. It’s a place that advertises Sorry We’re Open and serves schooners of cold beer.  On this day it was all tequila.Reuniting with one of my oldest childhood friends yielded an introduction to this amazing juice. Each bottle an affirmation of hard work…

  • Time has a way of turning my head around

    Time has a way of turning my head around

    Sometimes I wake up in the early hours of morning, put my feet on the ground, and prepare to start the day. Then I glance at the alarm clock and see that I have two more hours of sleep waiting for me. I smile and return to my slumber. Can‘t really find words….thankful,,,happy…afterglow.  Been thinking…

  • Sometimes you need a minute

    Sometimes you need a minute

    I mean, what’s a couple years between friends?  When this website was new, I was so determined to post every week. And then life happened.  It was very cool to visit these trees a few weeks back. The trip to the mother ship providing me with much more than lemons. Sometimes they take some extra…