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Cheers to Friendship!

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My best friend was killed 16 years ago this week. The weight stays with me, a little bit each day. And now inspiration. 

Like all of us-Paul would be confused by this time. He was a networker, a social force, a friend to all. He would miss being out among the people- connecting with those he knew for years or just met. 

It seems contrived but a good cocktail can solve a lot of problems. I find some solace in the hype, the preparation, the process, the partaking, and maybe more hype. There is a rhythm to it all, a flow, and the promise that the ritual will bring us together.

Just as I have found my roots in the foundation of CR Citrus, I see my future in pursuit of an endeavor that was all Paul. He would love connecting with farmers, creating something original, and working to build a brand. He was simply a high-energy dreamer in a world of calculated risk. 

I see the power of friendship developing in my sons and it makes me so happy. They are learning the importance of finding out who they are as they connect with another.

I miss my brother Paul. Everyday. Truth, But he taught me about friendship. And that along with thousands of memories during our reckless years keeps me going. In a way, every bag of citrus and the ritual of cocktail hour is an homage to him. And to friendship. Cheers to that!

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