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Keeping it positive and productive

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We all have been cooped up during this challenging time. Indeed so much to learn, question, and embrace. At our core, so much has been lost but what have we gained?

Three years ago, I stumbled upon an opportunity of abundant citrus and a connection to my dad’s roots. Turns out my roots also reside within those Meyer Lemon trees.

What do you do when you find that you have too much of something? My first inclination was to cook and drink my way through every possible combination using the subliminal sweet/sour notes of those lemons. But then what could I do with the remaining 300 lemons?

I started tinkering with ways to augment flavor through time and seasoning. Again, I experimented with adding smoke thanks to my new pellet smoker. And then I started giving these smoked lemons away. Seems, I’ve been doing that for years.

Currently, we are all finding ways to navigate challenges of time and space. I know that I need people to survive. In this I needed to find ways to connect with those I’ve known for a long time while meeting new people along the way.

The construct of cocktail hour serves as an affirmation of a week of hard work. But these last five weeks have taught us that work, time, and drinks could all benefit from a good revision.

Don’t know where all of this goes but it makes me happy. Right now, that’s enough. I find solace in knowing that in 37 states across this land, I’ve elevated spirits, one slice at a time. Until next time, be well and have another!

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